Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our program gave us the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving off of school even though they don't celebrate it here.  Some of us decided to take a girl's trip to the Pacific for some relaxing.  We left Wednesday after school and went to San Jose.  There we had to buy tickets for the bus.  We had checked the schedules ahead of time and wanted to take the 6:30pm bus.  We arrived at the station at 4:50 and found out that the only bus to Samara was at 12:30pm.  We quickly decided to take a bus to Nicoya (about 45 minutes from Samara) since it was leaving a 5:00.  We ended up packing into a taxi from Nicoya to Samara.  Our hotel there was great.  We rented an apartment that had sleeping space for 6 people, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen.  The trip was really relaxing.  We went to the beach several times (and I finally was able to swim!), bought some souvenirs and hung out in the apartment playing cards. 

Some of the girls cooked spaghetti and garlic bread for Thanksgiving dinner.  They had bought 2 packages of spaghetti because they weren't sure how much we needed.  We ended up eating pasta all 3 nights and finally finished it.  We also had brownies with ice cream for dessert.  I made popcorn on the stove for everyone the next night. 

Thanksgiving dinner

these are the coconuts I wrote about last time, you can buy them almost anywhere

I will be home tomorrow night!
Pura Vida